The Coaching Process

So how does coaching work?

Since we all know time is precious in today’s world, most sessions occur over the telephone on a pre-arranged schedule.  This allows you the freedom to benefit from the session wherever you may be, regardless of business or personal commitments.

We begin with an introductory conversation, where I answer all your questions about what can be expected.  Afterward, if you feel this is a service that can benefit you, we will move forward.

An extended session is next, where we discuss the results of a self-assessment that is completed and submitted prior to the session.  The best way to decide where you want to go is to determine where you are.

Weekly hour-long sessions are then scheduled. Powerful questioning, change goals, action plans, coaching support, and accountability are all part of these sessions.  Every success, big or small, is recognized and celebrated along the way.  An email summary will be sent to you after each session.   Many clients find these valuable tools to mark progress and maintain accountability.

Most clients realize their desired changes within ninety days, although some may take longer depending upon the scope of change involved.  At that point, weekly sessions come to an end, but follow-up or maintenance sessions are always available.